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Spark Conversation with Whimsical, Center-of Attention Art Furnishings by Patou

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why simply furnish your home or office, when you can have art furnishings that are not only functional, but also spark conversation, make you smile and are collectors’ items?

Patou Fine Art & Design, creators of the imaginative, limited-edition art furnishings series, Puzzle and Joyful, are pleased to offer a special summer promotion of 40% off from July 13-August 10. Puzzle cocktail tables, regularly $5,500 for a set of three are on sale for $3,300; limited edition of 50 sets. Puzzle console, originally $6,500 is now $3,700; limited edition of 50. And Joyful console, regularly $10,500 is available for $6,500; limited edition of 12.

“My original art furnishings and paintings bring happiness and encourage people to dream,” says internationally acclaimed artist Patou – the gallery’s namesake. “For me, the way to be revolutionary in art is to touch people.”
Due to their whimsical and emotional spirit, it’s no wonder Puzzle and Joyful are garnering fast attention from art and design enthusiasts.

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